We loved the process of making shoes and continued throughout to be in ‘awe’ of your amazing talents at making such beautiful shoes.

Thank you for your guidance, help and continued patience throughout the workshop.  We are soooo very chuffed with our shoes and have had nothing but amazing comments from friends who admire the shoes and are very envious of us doing the workshop.

Carolyn and Tina, Melbourne


To have a one on one course in shoemaking with someone who is so generous with their time, knowledge and resources was such a gift.

Luna has huge experience and is also open to sharing, learning and trying out new ways of doing things. Luna truly serves those she teaches to create their desires as much as she can in the allocated time. I asked to learn ‘everything’ and Luna was able to accommodate a taste of many things in a very short time. I wholeheartedly recommend Luna’s courses to anyone who has a desire to create their own shoes or to begin to learn the craft of shoe making, or just to make a one off pair and try a new skill.

Eloisa L-H, Tamworth


Thank you so much for a most enjoyable weekend. I have worn my boots and the ladies love them and they are so comfortable The best shoes ever. Now  I need some more,  I would like to gather up some friends and make another pair maybe next year. Thank you again for a great weekend.

Kathryn Q


I had such a great time, was wonderful to learn as much as I did, I enjoyed the conversations and I am absolutely thrilled to bits with my boots.

I am completely engrossed by the shoe making experience and intend to do the 5 day intensive course with you.

Thanks for the weekend course – I loved it!

Betty E, Melbourne


I just wanted to say a big thank you from us all for the weekend workshop to make shoes/boots.  It was an amazing experience of creativity, intensive concentration and understanding into making shoes.  Thank you for your extreme patience, delicious lunches and giving of extra time yesterday morning to complete our projects. I have a lovely pair of shoes – thank you for a very special experience.

Margaret H, Sydney


Thank you so much for the lovely workshop we had on the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed learning something new, and was awed by the potential for so many beautiful things to be made. I have been proudly showing off my shoes to anyone who will listen and have sent photos of them to family and friends on the mainland.

Your calmness and willingness to be available for questions and help was wonderful and I really appreciated the work you put in to preparing the materials for us. Thanks again for such a great time.

Marianne, Hobart 


I wore my new shoes to work yesterday and got lots of amazed comments that anyone could make shoes like that on a short course – a credit to your wonderful teaching skills and assistance. And they were super comfy enough to wear all day – something I’d never usually be able to do with new shoes :)

I know the hours were long and we were all doing ambious things but all of us came away with a new knowledge set and a greater appreciation of what it takes to make a pair of shoes.

Thanks again.

Claire, Dunedin


Loved the course and I will be recommending it. I love my new boots and so does everyone else.

I have since managed to find some lasts – they’re timber and old, and need a little work, but mostly just need to be cleaned up. Want to try something for hubby & others in the family – test the knowledge…

The homestay with Helen & Mike Dowd was just what we needed as well, so thanks for that information.

Rosie Whitehead, Perth