Weekend Workshop

This is a 2 day beginners course suitable for those with no experience or previous participants (some people have returned 2 or 3 times). You are guided at every stage to help you complete a pair of shoes to take home. The shoes are based on my patterns that you individualise to make them special to you. To see what others have done on a weekend workshop look at the Made by Beginners section in the gallery.

Schedule of a weekend workshop:

FRIDAY NIGHT 6-8pm Planning Sessions
You will learn about basic design principles and choosing the right materials for the style of shoe you want to make.

You will go through pattern placement, cutting out (clicking), skiving (thinning leather), sewing, lasting and finishing techniques.

To book, go to Create Your Shoe, work through the options, go to How to Book, send your Foot Drawing through the post, and send a deposit. In How to Book you will also find some accommodation options that you can book separately.

Cost is $420 includes materials, lunches and refreshments throughout the day. Up to six in a class.