Five Day Workshop

This five day workshop gives you a deeper understanding of the processes. The first three days of this course is limited to two people for individual attention to your project and requirements. These three days lead up to any weekend workshop where you will be joined by a beginners group (Max 6 total in group). Teaching can be tailored to your needs and you work at your own pace.

These are the options:

Option 1
You can design one pair of shoes or boots from the beginning and see it through to the end product. Learn basic pattern making, you will then make a model (mock up) that you can try on and adjust patterns accordingly. The last two days will be devoted to producing your finished shoes.

Option 2
You can use the first three days to make one simple pair and spend time adjusting lasts to use at home later. This would be a way to approach the five days if your ambition is to set up your own home studio. You then have the opportunity to make a second pair on the weekend, thus building on the practical skills of shoe making.

For one, two or three day one-to-one formats, please contact me.

To book, go to Create Your Shoe, work through the options, go to How to Book, send your Foot Drawing through the post, and send a deposit. In How to Book you will also find some accommodation options that you can book separately.

Cost is $1040 includes materials, lunches and refreshments throughout the day.