Advanced Skills

Once you have attended a basic course (a weekend or a 5 day course) there are several options you can choose.

If you live locally, you can attend an ongoing Weekday Workshop (9.30am – 1pm each week school terms). Please contact me for details of availability. Currently $30 per session plus materials.

If you have difficult feet and are interested in taking your skills further you may want to come to a Five Day Workshop so that we can look individually at your needs and build a last to suit your feet/accommodate your orthotic etc. as well as complete a pair of shoes.

If you live further afield and wish to take things further and want to carry on working with me we can skype and/or email. Skype sessions will cost $30 per session and you can save up your questions for the session. Please contact me for further information.

You may, like some people want to return to do another weekend workshop later because you found it fun and you want to bring back your friends or family!

If you want to take shoemaking to another level – see links for recommended reading and further training.