Difficult Feet

If you have trouble with your footwear and buying comfortable shoes to wear from a shoe shop, it may be possible – depending on the severity of your problem – to help you create a comfortable pair of shoes in a workshop. By choosing the correct last for your foot shape and by building up the last, extra depth for sensitive toes and extra width for wide feet can be accommodated on a workshop, if your issues are not too severe.

If you need me to adjust a last to fit your feet you may have to come to the workshop prior to the workshop to have measurements taken to alter a last. This is up to half a day’s work for me so I will charge accordingly and give you a quote at this consultation. If you are unsure about the amount of work involved you can visit the workshop to find out at no charge.

If you have an orthotic to accommodate this is usually quite a simple process – just indicate on the booking form that you want to insert an orthotic into your finished shoes and give me as much info as you can about the orthotic and the problems with your feet. State whether the orthotic is full length or a three quarter.

When you do your foot tracings – first do your foot drawings in socked feet and measure around as instructed, then place the orthotics on top of the foot drawings, put your foot back and re measure around so I can see the difference. I will check this at the planning session on Friday night. No charge for this as long as it a standard orthotic.

See how to draw around your feet.

The photos below are of examples of shoes made by beginners to accommodate an orthotic.